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Wash and Fold

If you live in Seattle, you know there's such a thing as traffic, and over crowded laundromats.


Life is short and doing a single load of laundry can take as long as two hours (or longer!). Don't spend your limited free time doing laundry. Give us a call and we will pick up, wash, dry, fold and drop off your laundry so you can do the things you really want!


You use our app to schedule your Laundry to be picked up from your door. (We give first time customers a complimentary large reusable Loopie laundry bag) We send a Loopie driver to pick it up and drop it off at a certified Loopie Washer's house, or one of our partner laundromats. Once finished a driver will return your clothes freshly cleaned, and folded to your doorstep.

We're here to do your laundry, so you can do you. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, reliable delivery times and attention to detail.

Download Loopie and get your laundry done.